Listen In: Megan Mayzelle on the Thoughtful Entrepreneur podcast

Discover Megan Mayzelle's feature on 'The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast' with Josh Elledge. Dive into the world of companies dedicated to climate action in this insightful 16-minute episode.

Our very own Megan Mayzelle recently featured on the “The Thoughtful Entrepreneur” podcast, diving deep into the intricate ecosystem of companies committed to climate action.

For those yet to discover this podcast gem, “The Thoughtful Entrepreneur” is orchestrated by Josh Elledge. Known for spotlighting entrepreneurial brilliance, Josh engages with industry pioneers, innovators, and visionaries. In this episode, Megan and Josh explore the vast landscape of companies driving climate-focused initiatives, highlighting how diverse roles and unified missions shape this transformative ecosystem.

Make sure to check out the 16-minute episode here.

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