Writeshop for AVENIR Senegal

The Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT recruited Scriptoria Solutions fto conduct an on-site writeshop for the AVENIR Senegal research team.

Megan Mayzelle and Katiana Bougouma traveled to Senegal in June 2022 to facilitate an intensive 4-day writeshop for AVENIR Senegal. AVENIR Senegal is a small team of accomplished scientists in agriculture, climate, and community development from throughout the African continent. Through the writeshop, Scriptoria Solutions supported the AVENIR team in identifying their target academic journals, developing a detailed publication plan through 2023, employing language that compels their target audience, learning practical writing methods to reduce drafting and revision effort, and putting it all into practice to advance current drafts as a team. At the end of the writeshop, the team had 2 advanced drafts, 6 new outlines, and a month-by-month plan for each team member to see those publications through to conclusion. 

The Scriptoria Solutions team will continue to work alongside AVENIR to ensure their innovative findings reach the broader community, and a follow-up writeshop is already being discussed!

On a scale of one to ten, I wish there was a 10.5 in terms of likelihood to recommend Scriptoria Solutions.

Caroline, Senior Scientist

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