United Nation’s SDG Profiles feature in Sustainable Development Forum

Every year, the United Nation Sustainable Development Forum convenes to discuss the progress of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with the SDG Profiles serving as the focal point, showcasing expert insights from around the world.

This is the second year running that Written Progress has had the pleasure to conduct comprehensive upleveling and design of the UN SDG Profiles. One of the significant challenges of this work is creating continuity across the contributions and voices of multiple expert authors

The Written Progress team is proud to have helped some of the world's greatest minds get their messages out into the world with clarity, concision, and confidence. Here's how we achieved it:

  • Reorganize to perfect the flow
  • Remove repetition
  • Streamline non-essential information 
  • Ensure absolute accuracy in formattingdesign, and citations  

You can read the published profiles here, and learn more about our unique draft upleveling process here. 

Thorough work, great communication and flexibility. Exceptional attention to flow, readability, and consistency! 

Juliet, United Nations

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