Reorienting Emissions Reduction Research

Rosenstock & Wilkes had an important point to make, and they requested Scriptoria Solution’s support in preparing an academic journal article manuscript that would catch the attention of the editors at Nature Climate Change.

Megan Mayzelle and the Scriptoria Solutions team work intensively with the authors in iteratively wordsmithing their draft to explain a complex concept in a clear, compelling way that spoke to the scope of the Nature Climate Change journal and fit its formatting and length requirements.

After weeks of careful work, the editors of Nature Climate Change accepted the manuscript without comment or revision—a true rarity in the academic journal world and a first for these widely published authors. See the full article here.

In my 20-year career, I have never received such positive reviews. The intense, iterative word smithing that Megan brought to this collaboration helped the research to shine through with crystal clarity.

Todd, Lead Scientist


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