Public health heat mapping white paper

Green River once again sought Scriptoria Solutions' support in developing a white paper. This time, it is on their novel approach, called Population Lattice Methodology, for improving the accuracy of public health heat mapping while also protecting individuals' anonymity under HIPAA federal health regulation.

Under the leadership of Katiana Bougouma, the Scriptoria Solutions team worked with Green River to craft a document that demonstrates the robustness and complexity of the approach without overwhelming the reader with jargon or dry methodology. The final product allows Green River to offer new users a clear understanding of their approach and its potential applications, including better informing communities on public health crises and support public health professionals' decision making for more efficient and effective public health campaigns. We'll post the white paper here -- and watch for the briefs and academic manuscripts that Scriptoria Solutions will also be producing on Green River's amazing new methodology! 

Your team rocks! 

Michael Knapp, CEO

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