Plan Your Energy Boosts U.S. Department of Energy Prize Bid with Expert-Crafted Proposal

Plan Your Energy recently embarked on an ambitious journey to compete for the U.S. Department of Energy Buildings Upgrade Prize. Recognizing the importance of a strong application, they partnered with Written Progress to develop a compelling and persuasive grant proposal.

Isabelle Le Marois and the Written Progress team provided bespoke support to ensure 'Plan Your Energy's' proposal was both compelling and aligned with the Department of Energy's requirements. 

 Here's how we achieved it: 

  • Tailor the proposal precisely to the Department of Energy's criteria.
  • Refined project concepts, ensuring a clear and impactful proposal.
  • Enhanced the proposal's language and presentation for clarity and professionalism.

Learn more about our bespoke grant writing process here. 

Helped us refine our project and improve the language. Really nice to have someone bounce ideas off of.

Christopher Justin - Co-Founder of Plan Your Energy

Plan Your Energy

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