Participatory software design memo

Green River sought Scriptoria Solutions support in making the case for participatory software design to the Delaware Department of Health.  Participatory design engages community members in the development of technological solutions that will be used in the community, thus ensuring that the software meets, understands, and even anticipates their needs. Scriptoria Solutions was tasked with producing a memo that clearly outlines the benefits of participatory methodology.

The final memo is an effective tool in making the case for participatory design, presenting a concise yet convincing outline of the background and reasoning behind this approach in easy-to-understand language. The document includes an explanation of what participatory design is, what it is not, and the steps for implementation. With this memo in hand, Green River can make a strong case for participatory design and develop software that truly serves the needs of their communities. The file isn't public, but we're looking forward to seeing its impacts on the Department of Health's approach to work. Watch here for more updates!

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