Green Climate Fund Sectoral Guidance

Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security recruited Scriptoria Solutions for high-impact strategy, expository research, in-depth copyediting, and a dynamic citation library as part of the drafting of the Green Climate Fund’s Sectoral Guidance during their 2020-2023 replenishment period. 

Megan Mayzelle and the Scriptoria Solutions team began working closely with the CIAT team in February 2020 to develop a strategy that would undergo myriad reviews by Green Climate Fund leadership, advisors, and funders, as well as a global array of national governments. 

Scriptoria Solutions and CIAT revisited and revised the draft strategy in compliance with each group’s requests, carefully balancing an ever-growing list of institutional, political, and scientific priorities. Most recently, the provisionally approved strategic document went out for review by various stakeholder groups around the world.

In June 2021, Scriptoria Solutions reviewed, organized, and recommended a response to each of the over 600 comments that were received. The final document has just been published here.

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