AVENIR uplevels their skills and publications with team writeshop

The AVENIR Senegal team are accomplished climate, agriculture, and community development scientists from across the African continent. They wanted an efficient system for jointly creating publication-ready academic manuscripts on their novel research findings. They also wanted to build their own writing and editing skills.

Written Progress joined AVENIR on-site in June 2022 for an intensive 4-day writeshop. The team emerged with a 12-month publication plan, 2 advanced drafts, 6 new outlines, and a practiced process for rapidly drafting and editing academic manuscripts. Since then, Written Progress has continued to accompany AVENIR in achieving its publication milestones.

Here's how we did it:

  • Identified target journals 
  • Developed a detailed publication plan for the year 
  • Developed language that compels their target audience 


  • Taught practical writing methods to reduce drafting and revision effort

You can read the published article here, and learn more about our manuscript writing process here

“Written Progress guided us in  identifying  the key products in terms of communications, scientific papers, and speaking events that we could capitalize from the work, the key messages, and  the specific target audiences.” 

Caroline Mwongera, Senior Scientist, Alliance & CIAT 

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