Agriculture Policy Brief for Coalition of the Willing

The Carbon Business Council reached out to Scriptoria Solutions to copyedit their debut white paper, Unlocking Carbon Dioxide Removal with Voluntary Carbon Markets: Recommendations to Expedite Climate Solutions. 

Lindsay Hartley-Backhouse and the Scriptoria Solutions team conducted two rounds of in-depth copyediting on the piece, working carefully to ensure that sensitive policy and legal terminology was not unintentionally altered.

The white paper offers seven actionable recommendations for improving existing policy and approaches in order to maximize the potential impacts of carbon dioxide removal efforts on climate change, particularly through the lens of voluntary carbon markets.

The paper was released on 20 September 2022 as part of Climate Week 2022 in New York City and is available here or on the Carbon Business Council website.

Great eyes on the white paper to improve quality and distill the key messages.

Ben Rubin, Executive Director, Carbon Business Council

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