Policy brief features in national legislative conference

A scientific coalition in Ethiopia has achieved an incredible feat: they built a digital soil profiling tool atop a database of approximately 20,000 soil data points.

Next, the coalition of over 150 soil and agronomy experts set out to bring the importance of their work to the attention of national policymakers.

Isabelle Le Marois and the Written Progress team developed a policy brief for the coalition to take to the upcoming national policymakers. The brief draws direct lines between the scientists' work and the primary concerns of the policymakers' constituents.

Here's how we achieved it:

  • Connect key issues with Ethiopian soils to the policymakers' platforms
  • Propose major policy actions that would help remove barriers to the growth of Ethiopia's agricultural economy
  • Employ intuitive visuals.
  • Optimize for skimmability with strategic formatting and page design.

You can learn more about our policy brief process here

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