Top For-Profit Climate Grants in the USA: Isabelle’s February 2024 Picks

Hello, fellow climate action champions and grant-seekers! Welcome back to Isabelle’s Top For-Profit Climate Grants in the USA. Every month, our grant guru, Isabelle, curates an exceptional list of non-dilutive funding opportunities for for-profit entities in the USA with upcoming deadlines.

Written Progress believes in the power of businesses to change the future. That’s why we focus on identifying grants that for-profit companies are eligible to receive.

We are committed to helping you access the resources that empower progress and meaningful change. Whether you’re navigating the complexities of sustainable solutions for resilient communities or propelling innovative technological advancements, we’re here to be your compass.

Ready to make a mark in the climate sector? Connect with us to delve into this month’s top climate grants in the USA and learn how we can be instrumental in your funding journey. 


Conservation Collaboration Grant Agreements

When is it due?  February 28th, 2024

How much?  $20k-1M

Who funds it?  Natural Resources Conservation Service

What does it fund? Emphasis will be placed on projects that: (1) increase equity and new customer participation in farm bill conservation programs; (2) Build technical capacity to implement farm bill conservation programs including climate smart practices; (3) build technical capacity of NRCS and partner field conservation employees; (4) Build the capacity of local partners to develop and implement effective projects; (5)Leverage non-Federal and non-government resources to achieve positive natural resources conservation outcomes; (6) build and support urban ag and small-scale farming opportunities and access to technical and financial assistance. Proposals will be accepted for projects located in North Dakota.

Check it out here.

Innovation Challenge 2024 – Sustainable Chemistry and Textiles

When is it due?  March 1st, 2024

How much? $25K

Who funds it? ISC3

What does it fund? The fifth Innovation Challenge addresses innovators developing solutions in the field of Sustainable Chemistry and Textiles with the following subtopics: environmentally benign production; alternative materials and feedstock; waste minimization and recycling; alternative business models.

Check it out here.

Alaska Marine Education and Training Mini-Grant Program 

When is it due?  March 1st, 2024

How much? $15K-50K

Who funds it? Department of Commerce

What does it fund? Projects are being solicited to improve education and training on marine resource issues throughout the region and increase scientific education for marine-related professions among coastal community residents.

Check it out here.

P4G Partnership Support

When is it due?  March 8th, 2024

How much?  $100K-500k

Who funds it? P4G

What does it fund? P4G is now accepting applications for partnerships working on climate mitigation or adaptation solutions in the areas of food, energy, and water. Partnerships must comprise at least one early-stage business and one nonprofit organization implementing in one of P4G’s ODA-eligible partner countries: Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Indonesia and Vietnam. Applicants must provide services or products that contribute to poverty alleviation, gender equity and economic growth in one of the following sub-sectors: climate-smart agriculture, food loss and waste, water resilience, zero emission mobility and renewable energy. 

Check it out here.

Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program

When is it due?  March 20th, 2024

How much? $50K-200K

Who funds it? Department of Commerce 

What does it fund? The mission of the National Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program (BREP) is to support the development of technological solutions and changes in fishing practices designed to minimize bycatch of fish and protected species (including Endangered Species Act-listed fish, marine mammals, seabirds, and sea turtles) and to reduce impacts to invertebrates (including sponges, deep-sea corals, and shallow (tropical) corals.)

Check it out here.

Wrapping up

As the climate crisis looms large, securing resources to enact change becomes ever more essential. Whether you’re a budding environmentalist or an organization geared towards sustainability, our curated list of top climate grants in the USA is designed to support your mission. Don’t let these opportunities pass you by – leverage them to foster a greener, brighter future for all. Ready to dive deeper? Contact us for a personalized consultation on your grant-seeking journey.


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