Sustainable virtuous cycles


Here's how we live our values.

For our team

Sustained health

Self-renewal is critical to consistently delivering gold-standard work.

Our team only works during our personal productive hours. We live where we wish and don't commute. We say no to too much work, ask for help, and prioritize fun and rest.

Shared wealth

Our team is highly trained, highly educated, and mission-driven. They deserve to be well compensated. Every member's income is at least 300% of their resident country's minimum wage.

We share the wealth. As you move up our sliding scale, the team's compensation rises.

For our planet

Tiny footprints

Our team is fully remote and electronic. That means no commuting, no travel, no office, no inventory, and no trash

And we support others doing the same: our savings account is invested in organizations working for socially-responsible climate impact.

Living proof

Entrepreneurship is the most powerful form of activism we have. 

We support every team member in pursuing work in her area of passion and creating the her own next career advancement using our team resources.

For our clients

Work on equality

A rising tide lifts all boats. For example, quality healthcare and education for all would cut greenhouse gas emissions as much as carbon removal technology. That's why we support initiatives in any vein of social or environmental justice.

Work on climate

Urgent climate solutions are prerequisite to all other solutions; without a life-sustaining climate, there's nothing left to save. That's why we focus heavily on supporting climate initiatives by anyone from international research centers to  new startups.