Carbon Business Council recognizes Written Progress as recommended climate mitigation copyeditors!

We love using our skills as climate mitigation copyeditors to help get your work out into the world. That’s why we couldn’t be prouder to see the Carbon Business Council’s debut white paper released at Climate Week NYC 2022! 

The context

As reported here, the Carbon Business Council advocates for early-stage companies focused on removing, utilizing, and managing carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide removal is an important part of the climate mitigation puzzle for industries with unavoidable or legacy emissions. Voluntary carbon markets, working with carbon dioxide removal, allow the private sector to offset these challenging emissions.

The Carbon Business Council’s white paper outlines exactly how policies and markets can best support this process, with recommendations for ensuring scientific validity, accountability, and accuracy. The white paper is now publicly available — you can download it here.

How we helped

As experienced climate mitigation copyeditors, Written Progress was a great fit for supporting the finalization of the Carbon Business Council’s debut white paper. Lindsay Hartley-Backhouse, MSc and Megan Mayzelle helped the Carbon Business Council team put the finishing touches on their white paper with an eye toward both legal accuracy and broad public accessibility.

Even better news

As part of this fruitful collaboration, Written Progress is now also an official Ally of the Carbon Business Council. That means the Council recommends Written Progress as expert climate mitigation copyeditors, ready to help council member organizations produce stellar policy notes, grant applications, press releases, and more. That aligns perfectly with Written Progress’ goal to get funders, top talent, and policymakers excited about the big changes happening in climate change mitigation!

Ready for some climate mitigation copyeditors in your life?

Do you have a big, scary document that you’d love to get off your desk? Let’s see how we can help — shoot us a line to get the conversation started.


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