Megan Mayzelle featured as a Social Impact Hero by Authority Magazine 

In this latest interview, Written Progress Founder Megan Mayzelle was featured in Authority Magazine’s Social Impact Hero series. She spoke about her personal journey to entrepreneurial activism, including the wins and the mistakes, and how Written Progress achieves real social impact heroism. Make sure to check out the article here

Written Progress grew organically, starting with Megan’s intuitive writing talent and making the move to freelancing. When demands exceeded capacity, freelancing became a company. Now our team of nine communication experts consults with major organizations like the World Bank and the United Nations, along with start-ups such as the Carbon Business Council and Green River. Whatever their size, every one of our clients is an environmental or social impact hero themselves.

“We are technical communications experts. We have the background to understand our client’s ‘language’ and the communications skills to synthesize and translate their message into something exciting for their target audience. In short, we take time-consuming documents off our clients’ to-do lists and make them masterpieces.”

– Megan Mayzelle

Written Progress achieves social impact by serving exclusively social and environmental justice professionals, supporting them in communicating complex ideas to a variety of audiences. Our team’s expertise spans multiple areas, such as Lindsay’s wordsmithing and copyediting, Courtney‘s sustainable agriculture consulting, Isabelle’s policy brief mastery, Laura Coomber‘s impact strategy know-how, and Katiana’s data visualisation witchery.  

If you are a environmental or social impact here with a long time-consuming document on your desk, let us make it a masterpiece! Reach out today to chat with our team. 


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