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Scriptoria Solutions' steps to success

Step 1: Free Audit

To start, give us a try via our complimentary audit.

Vent your to-dos and concerns here so we can prepare for the discussion, or skip to the end if you want to hear our ideas on the fly.

Good but not good enough? Use anything and everything you learned from this call, our compliments.

Ready to commit? Follow up any time to book a Briefing Discussion for your project.

The Free Audit is free! We're happy to help and let you dip in your toes. If it's not the right time but you had fun chatting, connect us with a friend who might enjoy it too. It makes a big difference!

Step 2: Briefing

When you're ready to work with us, it's time for a Briefing Discussion with a Project Manager. 

This person is experienced in estimating scope, cost, and turnaround time, as well as coordinating resources and the contributing experts on our team to ensure your masterpiece is ready on time and on budget.

She'll request your perspective on your planned impact, previous challenges, existing resources, hard deadlines, and boxes that need to be checked. 

For projects that require little or no input from you, the Project Manager will follow up with a timeline and estimate right away. For multi-phase projects, she'll convene topical experts on our team to develop a Roadmap proposing what we believe is the best approach for meeting your goal. 

The price of the Briefing Call is included in the cost of developing or implementing the Roadmap. Your Project Manager will work with you to find a price that fits your budget during the Briefing Discussion.

Step 3: Develop your Roadmap 

Our Roadmap brings together your input, existing resources, our research, and our experience from dozens of projects like yours.

Unlike many audit reports, this won't be copy-pasted from previous clients. Rather, topical experts,  professional writers, and your Project Manager -- the same brains that will implement the work -- will convene to design a detailed plan just for you.

The Roadmap includes clear specifications and step-by-step instructions for achieving your goal across the Creation, Validation, Polish, and Launch phases.

Next, the Roadmap will be shared with you for your feedback and revised until it meets your needs and priorities.

Once the Roadmap is ready, you may opt to delegate it to your team, request our continued support, or a mix of both. Regardless of whether you continue working with us or not, the Workplan remains your asset to use however you wish. 

Step 4: Implement your Roadmap

If you'd like us to implement all or part of your Roadmap, your Project Manager will first work with you to agree on a price that works with your budget.

Next, she'll introduce you to the team members who built your Roadmap. These are the experts best positioned to receive, understand, and utilize the information you provide. 

Throughout the Creation, Validation, Final Polish, and Launch phases of your project, we'll take all writing burden off your desk AND make it easy for you to remember when and where your input is needed.

You'll receive updates before you think to ask. And of course, the Project Manager is right there whenever you have questions about scope, cost, or timeline.

Step 5: Impact!

When everyone -- including you! -- is thrilled with the final product, it will be delivered to your desk via a formal wrap-up with your Project Manager. She'll ask for your feedback on the experience, and if there's anywhere else we can help you. 

Your impact is important to us, so we'll follow up to hear how our work together has advanced your mission. We'll ask your permission to share the good news on our platforms and congratulate you on your amazing work.

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