Entrepreneurial activism with Women Entrepreneurs Radio podcast

Written Progress was selected to be featured on the 19 October 2022 episode of Women Entrepreneurs Radio! The episode is a quick 27 minutes and is packed with our history and approach to entrepreneurial activism. You can listen to the episode here

The podcast has been running for an amazing 14 years– since 2008! In that time, host Deborah A Bailey has spoken with more than 400 entrepreneurs about the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. In this latest episode, Megan Mayzelle spoke about the power of entrepreneurial activism, and how sustainability is embedded into the founding of the company, both through the clients we support and how we support our own team.

“Entrepreneurship is the greatest form of activism we have.” 

– Danny Kennedy

Written Progress works exclusively with social and environmental justice professionals, ranging from international organizations like the United Nations to budding startups. Notably, the Carbon Business Council and Green River received special shoutouts in this episode.  

In addition to supporting the work of sustainability innovators, we also embody sustainability activism in our company functioning.

Here are 6 surprising ways the Written Progress team achieves entrepreneurial activism on all levels:

1.      Sustained health

Self-renewal is critical to consistently delivering gold-standard work to our clients. Every team member is free to work during her personal productive hours, live where she wishes, ask for help, and say no to more work. 

2.      Shared wealth

No matter how far up our sliding scale a client may go, the team members doing the work are guaranteed 50% of the total payment – that’s in contrast to the industry standard of about 30%.

3.      Tiny footprints

Our fully remote and electronic team means that we have a tiny carbon footprint. Even our savings account is invested in organizations working with social and environmental justice.

4.      Living proof

Every team member is encouraged to pursue her own areas of passion and advance her career using our team resources.

5.      Work on equality

Environmental and social issues are intrinsically connected – that’s why we support initiatives across all realms of social and environmental justice.  

6.      Work on climate

We all rely on a life-sustaining climate; without it, there’s nothing left to save. We have a special focus on supporting climate action professionals. 

Learn more about our entrepreneurial activism

If you’re interested in learning more, check out Megan’s recent LinkedIn video series on Written Progress‘ approach to entrepreneurial activism. You can also learn more on our brand-new sustainability web page. Don’t hesitate to send us a message to hear more about how we support the work of social and environmental justice professionals like you!


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