How to get involved in the Carbon Business Council

In case you don’t already know, the Carbon Business Council (CO2BC) launched Tuesday July 19 to advocate for early-stage companies focused on removing, utilizing, and managing carbon dioxide. The council is gaining traction quickly, so if business solutions to carbon management are of interest to you, get involved in the Carbon Business Council now so you can be part of its amazing climb to the top.

CO2BC is a non-profit trade association that gives carbon startups a seat at the policy table. As of launch, they boast more than 40 founding members with combined assets of more than US$100 million.

This is an outstanding example of the public-private synergies we so often envision to effectively address climate change! You can see Written Progress‘¬†Executive Director Megan Mayzelle talking about her key takeaways from CO2BC’s debut¬†here.

 So how can you get involved in the Carbon Business Council?

 1. Watch the debut

View the recording of the 30-minute debut webinar from July 26 to catch up on upcoming initiatives in carbon management. 

 2. Spread the word

Help your colleagues stay in the know — share the link to the CO2BC website.

 3. Our personal favorite

We love CO2BC’s biweekly newsletter of bite-sized news for a gigaton industry. Tons of Economist vibes! 

This article was originally published 09 August 2022 in Scriptorium.


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