Partners at AVENIR hit a triple win with three scientific publications

At Written Progress we love seeing our partners succeed. Our long-time collaborators, AVENIR Senegal, have recently reached an impressive milestone with three major scientific publications. We’re thrilled to have played a role in this achievement, lending our support and expertise in scientific publishing to bring their exciting work to the world.

Here’s a glimpse at the exciting work:

  1. Advancements in Climate Forecasting: The first article, Predicting the future climate-related prevalence and distribution of crop pests and diseases affecting major food crops in Zambia, represents a significant stride in climate science. Published in PLOS Climate, it provides insightful projections on how climate change could alter agricultural challenges in Zambia. Check it out here
  2. Innovating Food Security: The second article, Spatial estimation of flood residual water cultivation (FRWC) potential for food security in Sédhiou and Tambacounda regions of Sénégal, appears in Agricultural Water Management. This innovative work employs GIS technology to enhance our understanding of drought management and food security in Senegal. Dive into the details
  3. Enhancing CSA Strategies: The third article, A scalable approach to improve CSA targeting practices among smallholder farmers, published in Helyon, offers an in-depth analysis of farmer typologies in Senegal. It skillfully merges socio-economic and biophysical factors to optimize CSA adoption strategies. Give it a read

Our role in AVENIR Senegal’s publication success? We started with a custom 4-day writeshop, guiding their research and analysis plans with our unique SWAB method. Post-writeshop, we were hands-on, leading the publication charge from data analysis to final drafts. We especially focused on supporting the first authors, helping navigate the complex publishing landscape, and ensuring that each study achieved its deserved recognition.

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