Carbon Business Council’s white paper featured in New York Climate Week 2022

Carbon Business Council's inaugural white paper was the culmination of diverse expert voices coming together to take a formal position on a hot issue: voluntary carbon markets.  

The Written Progress team carefully upleveled the authors' hardwon draft to unify their voices and polish the white paper to shining clarity -- all without altering the terms and wording the authors had carefully agreed to employ. 

Here's how we did it:

  • Identify the core message and target audience.
  • Remove repetition and detail that could overwhelm the target audience.
  • Ensure absolute formatting, design, and citation accuracy. 

The resulting white paper, Unlocking Carbon Dioxide Removal with Voluntary Carbon Markets was proudly featured at Climate Week 2022 in New York City.

Great eyes on the white paper to improve quality and distill the key messages.

Ben Rubin, Executive Director, Carbon Business Council

Learn more about Written Progress' alliance with the Carbon Business Council on their website, and about our unique draft upleveling process here. 

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