Accepted to Nature Climate Change without revisions

The Written Progress team, led by Megan Mayzelle, worked intensively with academics Todd Rosenstock & Andreas Wilkes to get their novel results into the scientific community. 

Rosenstock & Wilkes submitted their innovative research to Nature Climate Change and it was accepted without revisions. 

Here's how we achieved it: 

  • Identify a target journal 
  • Determine how they accept submissions 
  • Ensure full formatting compliance
  • Comprehensive up-leveling 
  • Iterate wordsmithing for absolute clarity 

In my 20-year career, I have never received such positive reviews. The intense, iterative word smithing that Megan brought to this collaboration helped the research to shine through with crystal clarity.

Todd, Lead Scientist

You can read the published article here, and learn more about our academic manuscript writing process here

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