About us

Scriptoria Solutions is a woman-led and founded, feminine-forward social enterprise that supports teams driving ethical impact.

We've discovered the unique concoction that makes for the perfect creator of captivating content:

  • Highly empathetic
  • Mission-motivated
  • Compelling communicator
  • Masters+ in a social or environmental justice field
  • Holds her standards high

We spend an average of 6 months tracking down just one of these special folks! Ready to meet them?

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There are 11 million social enterprises and 10 million non-profits on the planet. Even the percentage of traditional corporations advancing an ethical mission is skyrocketing (Thanks, climate action entrepreneurs and conscientious consumers!). All of them rely on concise, clear, compelling content to attract talent, shift policy, and gain funding

Mission-driven project managers wear many hats and are usually overstretched. Deep, uninterrupted work simply isn't part of their day. They are also experts -- making the 'unlearning' required to walk in their audience's shoes an acrobatic feat. For these individuals, an outsider with the technical capacity to understand them and the journalistic skills to translate their key messages is the fastest route to communication momentum

This is the magic formula Scriptoria Solutions brings. Our clients are corporations, social enterprises, and non-profits with social or environmental causes, including climate adaptation, climate mitigation, sustainable food systems, biodiversity, public health, policy, meaningful employment, alternative energy, and safe housing, to name a few.

Climate action means systems change.
A manuscript writer reveals her secret sauce for high-impact intellectual responsibility.
The inflation reduction act offers winds for everybody.

Our clients love how we translate complex knowledge into compelling policy briefs, grant applications, academic manuscripts, white papers, strategic guidance, articles, and more.

Megan Mayzelle spoke to Authority Magazine about being a social impact hero and her personal journey to entrepreneurial activism.



We throw our energy behind the teams working to shift paradigms and make the world a better home for all beings.


Our clients are deeply capable experts who know with absolute confidence that we will always honor our word and their work. 


We acknowledge the unique strengths of each member of our team, and we make the choice daily to work together toward great achievements.

The Team


Ana joins Scriptoria Solutions with over 10 years' account management experience. She leads Scriptoria Solution’s office management, documentation, recordkeeping, and internal organization.


Courtney Jallo

Courtney brings an MS from University of California and over 13 years’ experience in food system resilience and programmatic leadership to Scriptoria Solutions. She specializes in project management, research reports, and workshop and interview facilitation.


Isabelle Le Marois

Isabelle joins Scriptoria Solutions with a dual BA in Law and Political Science from University of Paris, an MP from Trinity College Dublin, and over 7 years’ experience in project management and gender equity. She is fully bilingual and specializes in policy briefs, grant writing, and bespoke translation to French and English.

Katiana Bougouma

Katiana comes to Scriptoria Solutions with an MPH from Emory University and over 7 years’ experience in public health, gender equity, academic manuscript preparation, and data visualization. She is fully bilingual and specializes in writeshops, academic manuscripts, and data curation in French and English.


Megan Mayzelle

Megan brings a dual MS from University of California and over 13 years’ experience in climate action and climate co-benefits to Scriptoria Solutions. She specializes in communications strategy, white papers, and social media content.


Laura Coomber brings an MS from the University of Edinburgh in Environment & Development. Her diverse experiences include working in sustainable agriculture in the Peruvian Amazon and ESG strategic consulting for major private sector clients. She specializes in communication strategy, workshop and interview facilitation, and research reports.

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We're looking forward to welcoming a new team member specializing in in-depth copyediting.

Lindsay Hartley-Backhouse

Lindsay comes to Scriptoria Solutions with an MS in International Animal Welfare, Ethics, and Law from the University of Edinburgh; a certificate in Sustainable Environmental Management; and over 12 years' experience in conservation. She specializes in in-depth copyeditingarticles and blogs, and academic journal articles.